European Vacation 2019

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In May of 2019 my husband Tyler and I were able to spend a week in Paris and a week in Amsterdam.
Here’s how it went:

^The image above is of a shoe store Tyler was excited to visit. It had almost every type of “Jordan” ever made.

^That image of the Eiffel Tower above is the first glimpse I saw. My heart may have skipped a beat. ALSO! Europe is really cool about having these “passageways” off of streets where you can find the dreamiest little shops.

^One of my favorite images taken while abroad! So very Parisian.

This was one of the best days in Paris. The weather was great, the sunset was great, and the company was great. I could not ask for more.

On top of the only mountain in Paris – Montmarte.

Paris is so big that we didn’t even explore a tenth of it, if I could guess. So many districts, so little time!

The image above and below were both taken in the neighborhood we called home while we were in town. Canal St. Martin. It was lovely and we picked this neighborhood based off of the Airbnb, accessibility to the metro, and the fact that it was described as a lively neighborhood riddled with younger people. That was very true. Lots of art stores and local as well as worldly cuisine that may not have had any “Michelin stars,” but honestly provided so many options for a great price. We frequented the Irish Pub pictured below. Good times were had there & unexpected friendships were made.

Seeing this tower light up at night allowed me to check an item off my bucket list! It did not disappoint.

Sometimes when I’m traveling and have my camera already in hand, I’ll notice lovers & can’t help but to capture that moment in time. I was on the inside of this bar, and they were on the outside completely unaware of me. A very Parisian moment.

& this begins the portion of our time in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is what brought us to Europe. I have two cousins who asked us to come along with them while they were visiting the Netherlands & we had the best time. I’m honestly not sure which city I enjoyed more. Paris had amazing food, but both cities offered so much to do and see. I will say Amsterdam was much more manageable to explore – we were able to see probably 6/10ths of this city if not more.

Another one of my favorite candids on the entire trip. We were on a river cruise & saw these two hanging out. I wished that I could sit there and read a book. It was idyllic.

^We ate on top of this library – they had the coolest cafeteria! This is where my love for falafels began.

10/10. Would recommend a river cruise in Amsterdam. I SO wish we would have made a point to do the same in Paris!

^No, your eyes don’t deceive you. The buildings are tilted in AMS because they are so old. Do you notice the wedges between the buildings? Crazy!

^My cousins Jeff & Donna. They’ve been to Amsterdam at least 20 times. I wish I could relive this special time with them!

This was our neighborhood we stayed at in Amsterdam. Pictured above is Jeff & Donna on their way back from a grocery run.

Views from our apartment.

^Another moment where I caught two cuties makin’ out. It’s hard to put my profession away in the coolest place I’ve ever been.

The view out this window is special to me. My cousin Jeff used to take trips to Amsterdam with my papaw, and took me to the very same spots he took him, which included this bar. So this view is a sight my grandfather got to enjoy a few times (as this is where he liked to sit) & I now have a picture there.