Morgantown, WV Wedding

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A Cheat Lake Wedding

by WV Wedding Photographer, Lauren Love

It’s as simple as this – Devin and Heather were made for each other. Their love for travel, social activism, and their dog (Panda) was evident throughout the day and made their wedding one of a kind. Details involved in this wedding all had an organic feeling to them, which fit well with the bride and groom’s personalities as well as the mood they wanted their wedding to evoke. This wedding was amazing in many ways & I’m so privileged to have been able to document it. Special shout-out to Elm Leaf Design, who crafted the invitation suite (it’s stunning) as well as Sweet Babes Cakery for the beautiful, vibrant cakes that tied together the reception space.
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Vendors involved:

Invitation Suite (Elm Leaf Design) 

Cakes (Sweet Babes Cakery) 

Food Truck (Hash Browns and New Grounds) 

Shoes (Ruby Shoos)

Dress (Lovely New York)

Suites (J.Crew) 

Accessories (Tie Bar)  

Flowers (Sally Williams)